Restore Security Gates and Burglar Bars


There aren’t many homes that don’t have some type of security gate or burglar bars, and these will need to be restored when rust starts to appear.


While your steel burglar bars and security gates are strong, they are still susceptible to rust, especially after withstanding the elements for a few years. When the first signs of rust occur, it is better to take action as quickly as possible, as even small areas of rust will soon expand and weaken the structure.

Set aside a day or weekend to tackle steel burglar bars and security gates to not only remove any signs of rust, but also to enhance your home.

Remove Surface Rust

Use a wire brush to brush away as much of the rust coating as possible. Depending on how much rust there is, this can be a quick and easy task, or require a bit more elbow grease to remove all the surface rust.

GOOD TO KNOW: Make sure to get into any corners or detailed areas to remove as much rust as possible.

The scrubbing will also assist in removing any loose paint on the surface of the steel or powder coating.

Apply Rust Stripper or Rust Converter

Applying rust stripper will ensure that all remaining traces of rust are removed after brushing clean with a wire brush. Follow the instructions on the can (or bottle) to ensure proper application and removal of all rust. A rust stripper or rust converter also makes it easy to remove any traces of rust on detailed wrought iron gates or burglar bars.

Clean away remaining product with a cloth and clean water. This will also neutralise the rust stripper.

GOOD TO KNOW: Wear rubber gloves when working with rust stripper, as these are generally quite toxic and need to be handled with care.

Apply Primer and/or Paint

When restoring my own burglar bars and security gates I like to use Rust-Oleum spray paint products, especially when most of these already have a built-in primer that cuts down on finishing.

Rust-Oleum have a wide selection of spray paint product, in assorted colours, as well as flat, satin or gloss finish, that lets you choose your own colour for gates and burglar bars to complement the colour palette in your home.

If you prefer to paint the cleaned gates or burglar bars, only use a paint specified for use on exterior metal or steel\

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