Prevention is Better and Cheaper than Cure: How Parents Can Secure the Safety of Their Children at Home


February 16, 2019

If you ask any parent what’s the hardest thing they’ve ever had to do in their lives, most would probably tell you it’s having a baby. It’s by far the most exhausting and challenging task a human can be charged with, and not everyone who sets out to do it is actually up to the responsibility. One of the biggest concerns about raising a child is keeping them safe, whether it’s from psychological damage or bullying or, the fact that they’re different. But at a younger age, it’s usually simpler than all that. You don’t find yourself really worried about what your kid’s opinion in politics is; at a young age, it’s all about keeping them safe.

So, how can you secure your home for your children, to avoid any problems and injuries and unnecessary treatments?

Fire protection

You’d be surprised how easily and quickly a house fire can break out. They happen because of cooking accidents, electrical plug malfunctions, and possibly kids playing with lights or matches. It’s essential that you have working fire alarms in your home for fire safety. True, they can go off at random times and be annoying, but when an actual fire does happen, and this saves you, you’ll be grateful.

Window proofing

Statistics show that every year, thousands of children end up in hospitals or worse due to falling off from windows. You need to install window bars to make them safe for children, or a stop that would prevent the window from fully opening.

Sharp objects

You need to be thorough with this one. Make sure the house is clear from any exposed sharp objects. This can range from scissors lying on the table to kids toys themselves not properly shelved. Also, table and chairs pointed corners should be properly covered in a layer or coating to protect the children running aimlessly in the house.


Poisoning is also one of the most prominent causes of injuries to toddlers and young kids. You need to understand that kids are very curious, which means they’ll grab anything and put it in their mouths. So, you need to make sure to keep all possible sources away from them. Also, there are worse things to get poisoned; carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the worst because, most of the time, people don’t even realize they’re being poisoned.

Sources of carbon monoxide in the house include grills, power tools, heaters and stoves, and most electrical appliances. So, you need to be really careful and aware of how to use those in order to keep your kids safe from the very harmful carbon monoxide, which is just hanging around the house as an accident waiting to happen. Also, get a carbon monoxide detector.

Fewer chemicals, more organic material

If you happen to be living on a farm or something, chances are you’ll be suffering from annoying pest problems. It’s vital not to get carried away with the use of chemical pesticides because those can have some serious effects on your children’s health in the short and long runs. Instead, opt for organic, homemade pesticides which handle the problem without the damage of the chemicals.

Exercise sound judgment

At the end of the day, the goal here is keeping your kids safe. That means you need to exercise good judgment and ask yourself what in the household might be a danger to them. Pretend you’re a baby, curious and stupid, and see what might spark your interest to eat or shove somewhere, and then safeguard that item. You will need to give the house proofing process its due time.

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