Top home maintenance tips

Contributing Writer : Jessica Jacobs


Whether you own a home or rent, most likely your home is the single biggest investment in your life. Just like your physical health, taking care of a home well requires effort, but it doesn’t always need to be a chore. More importantly, getting your home maintenance checklist and schedule in order can save you time and money in the future. HVAC systems will operate more smoothly; roofs will have less leaks; appliances like your laundry machine and dishwasher will last longer. Simply put, your home will thank and reward you for taking care of it.
But where does one start? Home maintenance can feel like a very daunting task. Luckily, we’ve put together a guide of top home maintenance tips. Learn to avoid common home maintenance pitfalls, understand the essential tasks to do regularly, and even get your home set up on autopilot. Keep reading, and you’ll see why a little investment in learning the basics now can pay off in spades down the line.
1. Avoid common home maintenance mistakes
When you own or even rent a home, you take maintenance and upkeep for granted. It’s just something you do every day. You may not even realize that you’re doing something unnecessary or, heaven forbid, incorrectly. Keep up your home in a way you’re proud of by avoiding some common mistakes.
Even if you just do a few little things every day around the house, you keep your house a place you’re not only proud of, but an investment that only increases in value over the years.
2. Understand the vital home maintenance tasks that should be done regularly
Cleaning your house is a normal part of your routine, but what about home maintenance? This is not about replacing light bulbs or unclogging the toilet every once in a while. What about keeping up the areas of your house that you usually don’t think about?
Ignoring certain items around the house can cause serious problems down the line. Whether it’s the hot water heater, the dryer, or roof, some of these easily forgotten things need more of your attention than you’ve been giving them.
3. Keep your bathroom in order, including the tank
How often do you open the toilet tank and peak inside? Many of the stains happening in the toilet bowl could be coming from your tank. No one wants to clean the bathroom, but everyone enjoys and appreciates it when the bathroom is clean.
It may be surprising, but there are many ways you can cut the time you spend cleaning and have a cleaner bathroom. You don’t have to rush out and buy fancy products or commercial cleaners.
4. Don’t forget about your air ducts
You might need to clean your air ducts if you notice you’re sneezing more often or your home has recently undergone renovations. Otherwise, it probably isn’t necessary. But cleaning your air ducts ensures that your heating and air conditioning systems run more smoothly because the parts won’t be slowed down with dirt and dust.
Different types of duct systems exist, but the process of cleaning them is generally the same. Clean the vents and ducts, and replace your furnace filter while your at it. You might not get all of the dirt out, but your air ducts are sure to be cleaner than they were before you started!
5. Don’t forget about the lawn
Summer times means green lawns and spending time outside with family and friends. You want to make sure your entertainment space is gorgeous and vibrantly green.
There are many things that can take the green out of your grass, leaving your yard with unsightly brown patches. These tips can help keep your grass green and beautiful all season long, making it the perfect backdrop for entertaining.
6. Know how to apply caulk the right way
Re-caulking a bathroom yourself can save you a lot of time and money. Here are a couple of tips you’ll want to watch out for. First and foremost, you want to make sure you properly remove the old caulk. Depending on the type of caulk, the removal process is a little bit different. Prepping the surface before you caulk is key, including removing any existing mold. Second, you want to invest in a proper caulk gun as well as caulk itself. For instance, the caulk for kitchen and bath is typically labeled for kitchen and bath use only.
Whether you rent or own, taking care of a home is hard work. There are routine maintenance procedures you must know to keep your house in good working condition and to help save money in the long run. Unfortunately, not all the secrets are told to you by your landlord or your real estate agent. Thankfully you need not worry, as the following is a list of solutions to common household problems that you should know about. Most of the fixes are very doable yourself.
7. Clean the dryer
You might not think too much about cleaning your dryer. After all, the only thing it does is dry clothes that are already clean. But the inside of your dryer can get pretty dirty, especially if you don’t clean the lint out of it on a regular basis. Without regular care, the dryer machine just won’t last as long. Plus, it doesn’t help your clothes.
Keeping your dryer clean doesn’t actually take too much work and can save a lot of money. As long as you have the tools to remove the lint stuck in the vent and you have a few old towels on hand, you can quickly clean it up without wasting too much of your day.
8. Put your home on auto pilot
Sometimes you can’t remember what you had to eat yesterday, much less remember the last time you changed your air filter. Take a load off your mind and still maintain your home perfectly by putting some of these tasks on autopilot.
Here are some ways to help yourself remember to do certain tasks meant to make keeping up your home less of a burden, especially if you are a homeowner trying to save money on repairs and other costs of running a home.

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