5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Theft or Burglary While You’re Vacationing

7836-protection hands house

One of the biggest problems with going out for vacations is leaving your house empty. The crime rates are increasing day by day, and if that worries you, it’s only natural to do all you can to protect this important asset, even when you’re on holiday. Taking a cue from the same, below are some ways of home protection to safeguard your home from theft/ burglary while you are vacationing.


1. Prune your garden:

Unkempt bushes and tall plants make it easier for a thief to break into your house and perform the heist. Therefore, maintaining your lawn/ garden, if you have one, is the simplest step you can take to avoid theft in your absence.
2. Strengthen your door:
While wooden doors are classy and cost-effective, they are much easier to break. On the other hand, metal doors are one-time investment which would keep your home safe. 

3. Use modern technology:

These days we have smart locks, anti-theft alarm systems etc. which make it easier to protect one’s home from burglary. You, if possible to afford, should install these modern techs such as a home alarm system or reinforce it with a retina scan lock. 

4. Keep your tools away:

Refrain from leaving any tools such as hammers, chisels or saws in your garden, garage or near your front door as a burglar can use them to break in. Instead, store them safely in a place only you have access to. 

5. Use your social media wisely:

Thieves, burglars, and other people with nefarious intentions are getting smarter and using social media to plan their crimes. Social media, since people post without thinking a bit about who might be using the information about you available there, is a dangerous platform. So, use your social media wisely and avoid posting anything that you wouldn’t want such people to know.
Lastly, one of the best ways to protect your home against theft and burglary is through home protection insurance – a type of pocket insurance offered by insurance companies to home owners to protect one’s home against damages and theft.

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