How to protect your home whilst you’re on holiday


Joanna Whitehead | @MsWhitehead100

Friday 1 June 2018 15:46|

Holidays can be fun and exciting, but how much thought do you give to the home you’re leaving behind when you set off on your travels?

Alongside the mammoth laundry loads, organising travel, pet sitters and doing double the amount of work to compensate for your time away, the safety and security of your nest can be easy to overlook.

Our advice below will ensure you can leave your home safe in the knowledge that you’ve done all you can to safeguard your abode and its contents.


Tell a trusted friend, family member of neighbour that you’re going away

Having someone you trust to pop round, open and close curtains and blinds, collect post and, generally, alert any observers to some activity is generally agreed to be a good thing.

A pile of mail on the front door mat is a green light for potential intruders, so finding someone to collect this is a good call.

Giving your trusted person a key is always wiser than simply leaving a key underneath a doormat or plant pot – a rookie error, if ever there was one. This also enables someone to gain access to the property in the event of an emergency.

Don’t advertise your departure on social media

While it can be very tempting to advertise your impending departure on social media, it’s also a sure-fire way to draw attention to a vacant home.

If you simply can’t stomach the prospect of missing out on bragging rights whilst you’re poolside, consider changing your security settings to trusted friends and family for the duration of your trip.

Alternatively, turn off your location services and wait until your return home to upload any photographs.

Install timer switches

Make the most of smart tech to give the illusion of occupancy and deter potential intruders.

Smart plugs and light bulbs can be easily installed and programmed to switch electrical appliances on and off at particular times – much better than simply leaving a light on for the entirety of your time away.

Depending on the type of property you reside in, an outdoor security light can also be a worthy investment.

Cancel newspapers

Save yourself some cash, reduce your paper consumption and avoid drawing attention to a pile of newspapers on the doormat – another dead giveaway of an empty home.

Switch off plugs and ensure windows and doors are locked

A no-brainer for many, but there’s nothing worse than getting hours from home and being unable to shake the sense that you’ve left some straighteners plugged in.

Do a comprehensive sweep of your property to ensure everything that needs to be unplugged is (usually everything apart from your fridge-freezer).

Don’t forget the insurance!

This applies to both your trip and your home. In the event something does happen in your absence, making sure you’re fully covered for all eventualities will ensure you can rest easy and focus on the task of enjoying yourself.

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