Health Risks of Mold Allergies in Your Mount Laurel, NJ House & How to Get Rid of Mold Spores


Understanding mold can be your best ally if your home becomes overwhelmed with it. Ross Environmental Solutions would like to share some basic information when it comes to mold in an effort to help you avoid it or deal with the problem if mold spores are already present. Mold only needs 24 hours to take hold and thrive under the right factors. Moisture, darkness, temperature, food, and time are all mold needs. For example; for any water that has seeped under the baseboards after a minor flooding, humidity is created with warm temperatures. Dust particles, lint, and other forms of debris are all contributions to the food mold needs and the other elements such as darkness and time form the perfect living conditions for mold to flourish unseen. Winter provides perfect conditions for mold growth via moisture from snow, but contrary to popular belief, summer also provides ideal circumstances for mold via moisture from humidity. The season doesn’t matter, because moisture is the main factor mold needs for rapid growth!

Mold Allergy Problems

There are some health risks that come with mold interaction. Most cases of long term mold exposure exhibit symptoms. Especially those that suffer from mild to severe allergic reactions to mold can typically feel the effects early on, depending on the severity of the allergic sensitivity. Those who get asthma attacks, have respiratory issues, and a weak immune system is most susceptible to the negative impacts when it comes to mold.

Symptoms of Mold Allergies; Fatigue, Headache & More

For allergy sufferers or those feeling the effects of mold on their body, you could be experiencing the following symptoms:
– Coughing
– Eye irritation
– Nasal congestion
– Skin irritation or rash
– Fatigue
– Throat irritation
– Wheezing
– Headache

Mold Can Cause Property Damage

Mold isn’t only a potential threat to your health, but in conjunction with the right circumstances mold can infest homes quickly and silently destroying many of the materials it infests; breaking down the composition. Water damage is often a leading cause to mold. Even if the slightest bit of moisture is left behind, that combined with warmth, darkness and a food source, from dust for example, can grow mold. This mold will quickly consume the raw materials used to construct your home. Mold spores are easily introduced into the air and will cycle in your HVAC system depositing mold spores anywhere in the home, even in the ducts themselves. Mold spores will advance into evolving stages with the right combination of conditions. Mold can even be transported by people and pets. When a mold spore lands on a person or pet, which then takes root somewhere inside the home when it gets left behind, it can begin to grow in other places. If left untreated, soon your home can be overran with mold.

Mold from Leaks & Water Damage

If you had experienced water damage in your house, a professional is the most recommended course of action as they have the water extracting and drying equipment, as well as the expertise to properly and efficiently manage and contain the water. Many professionals are also equipped to handle the situation in the event mold does evolve. Mold doesn’t need a flood-like scenario catastrophe to take hold either. For example, mold has manifested in a bathroom due to improper ventilation for an extended period of time. To keep you and your loved ones safe from hazardous mold, ensure you are doing what you can to prevent it.

How to Prevent Mold from Growing on Walls, in Closets & Other Places

Helpful tips:
– In rooms such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and areas where humidity is easily surging, use the exhaust fans and all other means of ventilation.
– Get any leaky pipes and plumbing fixtures repaired as soon as possible.
– Properly use your air conditioning and dehumidifiers to maintain humidity levels; which should never reach over 50% in your home.
– Dry any water spills or condensation immediately.
– Mold dissolving products to clean bathrooms should be instituted.
– Add mold inhibitors to paint when painting your home’s interior.

Mold Removal & Remediation

If you have any mold issues creeping in your home or business, contact Ross Environmental Solutions and let our experts take care of the rest.


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