Homeowners’ Top Smart-Home Security Concern: Did I Lock the Door?

Lead with this on your next security pitch. Smart-home security survey by Wakefield Research and Schlage find that 75% of Americans second-guess whether they locked their front door.


Steve Karantzoulidis · July 14, 2017

A recent survey from Wakefield Research and Schlage, an Allegion brand of smart locks, reveals Americans’ No. 1 concern when it comes to smart-home security: “Wait… did I lock the door?”

Out of the 1,000 U.S. adults surveyed, 75 percent have felt uncertain about whether or not they locked their doors upon leaving the house. The data jumps to nearly 81 percent among parents and 83 percent among Millennials (we’re a forgetful bunch).

The survey also reveals that 43 percent of consumers have experienced or know someone who has experienced a break-in when they were not home.

“As technology evolves, locking devices will continue to advance and offer additional capabilities,” says Ann Matheis, marketing director at Allegion.

Security dealers and integrators should take heed of this new information. As the popularity of smart home devices continues to increase, there are a number of solutions available to ease end user’s fears. For example, the August Smart Lock Pro and Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt allow end users to double-check (and control) the status of their locks from anywhere with their mobile devices.

Additional Findings from the Home Security Survey

  • Break-Ins: More than two in five Americans have personally experienced or know someone who has experienced a home break-in while away.
  • Key Management: 56 percent of Americans have lost or misplaced the key to their home. Millennials and parents are more likely to do this, as 69 percent of millennials and 66 percent of parents have misplaced or lost the key to their home.
  • Uncertainties: 75 percent of Americans have felt uncertain about whether they locked their doors when they have left home. Specifically, 83 percent of millennials and 81 percent of parents have experienced this.


Link to the article: https://www.cepro.com/article/smart_home_security_lock_door

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