How to protect your home from flooding

By: Sam Kantrow

(WTNH)–Lots of rain appears to be headed our way on Friday, and that’s cause for concern for many. With all of the snow on the ground right now, the rain and warm temperatures could cause some flooding, and you don’t want that water ending up in your basement.

Whether you’ve seen flooding before or not, the risk of flooding in your home is real over the next week. Combine a frozen ground, a foot of snow, and inches of rain in the forecast and your basement might not be dry for long. There are signs that flooding is likely, and the first sign is a crack in your foundation that has white or brown powder around it.

“Those are where the salts and other minerals get left behind as the water evaporates around your foundation. That’s an indicator that you have a water pressure build up outside your home,” said Jason Weinstein of Budget Dry Basement and Waterproofing in Killingworth.

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Any cracks that are thicker than two credit cards back to back are considered structural and should be inspected regularly. Also if you have any cracks that have been repaired, check those too.

“If the concrete is flaking off on any repair, it’s not of sound quality,” said Weinstein.

Also check to make sure windows are clear of water and snow, and that your hatchway is also dry.

“If the water builds up along side of the window, it’s going to want to come in and equalize. It will flood in, typically right underneath the frame,” Weinstein said.

Also if your house has a sump pump, shut the power off and put your pump into a five-gallon bucket filled with water. If it sucks up the water, it’s working fine.

Now on the outside of your house, make sure your gutters are cleared and that they run away from your house. If your land is graded towards your house, shovel a path in your yard so that rain water can run towards the road, and not towards your foundation.

Just so that anything that’s running is diverted, it’s going to help. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s going to help in this situation.


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